About Us

ZUBER is a dream born in paradise.
What is paradise? Still lagoons, crashing waves. Swaying trees, cyclone winds. Pristine nature, choked city streets by the sea. ZUBER came alive in the in between spaces of our home, Fiji. Spaces familiar to all of us around the world. Spaces where we find beauty and its opposite coming together in a symphony of colour, expression, precision, and the pursuit of excellence. ZUBER is born in the hustle of the city streets, and the gentle embrace of family. 
We are Fuzz and Ilai, and we are the dreamers who have brought ZUBER to life. Our heart's desire is to bring you a special type of luxury, through an eye for detail, and a commitment to excellence. Every collection we design is born from an in between space - the space between us. That is where paradise is. 
Lovingly designed in Suva, Fiji, and Sydney, Australia, and ethically manufactured at our design studio and production centre in Fiji, by a team of mothers. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring that everything we do, we do in fairness, both to people, and the environment.
Want to know more? Email us: hello@zuberfiji.com
Vinaka (thank you) for being a part of our dream.
Fuzz & Ilai