Our Story

Founded in 2015 by best friends Fuzz Ali and Ilai Jikoiono, Zuber is a contemporary Fijian fashion brand dedicated to the Pacific lifestyle - relaxed, luxurious, optimistic, and effortlessly sophisticated. 


As lovers of art, music, and culture, Zuber has pioneered a nouveau-Pacific style sensibility, looking through the colourful lense and hope of the developing world in which it was born, to create a unique response to the world. The duo design and styling team’s aesthetic is a reflection of their back grounds, with Ilai being a self taught fine artist, and Fuzz being a trained art curator and stylist. Having lived much of their lives between Sydney, Australia, and the home of their childhood, Suva, Fiji, the Zuber brand is an embodiment of dualities, drawing on commonalities between cultures, while expressing a style not yet fully explored. The result is a curated mix of effortless essentials and statement occasion pieces, each expertly crafted, at a purpose established Atelier in Suva, with luxurious sensibilities.


In Pacific culture, clothes are more than a covering. Clothes are performative, expressive, and festive. There is always a reason to adorn yourself, and what one wears is an expression of heritage, values, culture, rank, and respect. Zuber creates clothes that announce a lifestyle, and a response to life. A response that is optimistic, dipped in respect, and radiating sophistication. 


Grounded in this space of dualities - of minds, locations, cultures, and ways of life - each collection release reflects conflict and reconciliation within itself. Each collection of essentials and statement pieces holds elements of the duality of the contemporary and the traditional, the feminine and the masculine, the tough and the soft, the world and the Pacific.